Solar Web Leads

FlowMedia's Solar Web Leadsdelivered through a closed loop controlled lead generation strategy to ensure lead quality and customer satisfaction.

All leads are delivered through our intelligent system which provides unlimited routing and filtering options to meet the needs of the smallest and biggest solar sales organization. Each customer is provided a complete lead management portal which provide reporting and analytics as well as return and order management.

You will have complete transparency across your lead campaign while being able to analyze your own sales team’s lead utilization and conversions.

Unlike most lead providers, FlowMedia generates all solar web leads with internal resources, not affiliates. Our goal is to offer our solar clients the tools and information they need to achieve the maximum ROI possible from every lead that is delivered. Beware of lead intelligent who rely on third party generators to produce their lead volume prior to being sold. These companies have very little control over the production methods and quality and many of the leads are sold to other client prior to being delivered to the aggregation company.

Lead aggregators sell each lead to 4 or more solar clients to maximize their profit potential. FlowMedia only sell exclusive leads based on our philosophy of establishing long term scalable relationships with our clients.

This may be the reason most of our clients stay with us and many of them have been clients for years.

TCPA Compliance You Can Trust

Residential Solar Web Leads You Can Trust

We Provide A Free Solar CRM For All Clients

Our solar lead management platform can easily post lead data via all standard and most non-aggregators posting configurations. If you feel you are in need of a more robust CRM / Lead platform, FlowMedia offers a complete web based CRM / Appointment Management solutions to all clients.

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