Solar Live Transfer Leads

HAPPY WITH YOUR CONTACT RATE?FlowMedia can deliver live interested solar prospects pre-filtered for your solar program requirements

Our Solar Live Transfer Program delivers live homeowners who meet the criteria for solar directly to your sales agents through a three party conference handoff.  Our logic driven lead routing technology allows the lead data to be delivered to the agent receiving the call in real time thus ensuring a seamless handoff and sales script.  Each solar live transfer is verified within our US call center by one of our solar verification specialists.  All of our agents are dedicated 100% to solar and go through extensive solar training prior any contact with homeowners.

solar live transfers

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All live transfer leads and appointment leads are reviewed through 2 satellite imaging system to ensure sun exposure and are filtered for our standard solar approval filters which include:


  • Single Family Homeowner
  • Good Sun Exposure
  • Good or Excellent Credit
  • Targeted at Zip Code Level
  • Interested in Residential Solar Solution
  • Minimum Average Monthly Electric Bill of $150 or More
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