Solar Appointments

NOT ALL SOLAR APPOINTMENTS ARE CREATED EQUALLYWhat sets FlowMedia's solar appointments apart?

FlowMedia’s solar appointments allow you and your team to focus on selling to interested candidates.   Let FlowMedia’s team of solar outreach agents schedule appointments for your sales team to ensure that their time is spent working with pre-screened consumers that are interested in adopting residential solar.  

All solar appointments go through a multi-stage filtering process to help ensure the quality of each prospect.

  • Is interested in pursuing residential solar
  • Single Family Homeowner
  • Good or Excellent Credit
  • Monthly Electric of $150 or Higher
  • No on any government assistance programs
  • No major shading issues
  • Geographic targeting at the zip code level
  • 2 satellite imaging systems utilized

Once a consumer has met all the required filter criteria, our solar outreach agent will schedule either a call or a face-to-face appointment for one of your sales executives.

solar appointments

Let FlowMedia fuel your sales

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Is your sales organization optimized?   With FlowMedia’s solar appointments, your sales executives can maximize their time by communicating with pre-qualified appointments interested in your solar program.

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