Solar Marketing And Compliance


SOLAR MARKETING COMPLIANCE 101Overview of compliance issues and pitfalls


As the FTC and other government bodies increase the number of regulations governing the online marking and lead generation, it has never been more important to ensure compliance across all levels of online engagement 


Selecting a partner for phone generated Leads should not be taken lightly. Leads generated via outbound calling tactics carrier a much higher risk when selecting a lead partner.

Voice Broadcasting | Robo Dialing | Press 1 Leads

These methods of lead generation rely on the use of a pre-recorded message to handle the initial customer interaction. The dialer calls 1000s or millions of people and every time someone answer the phone the voice broadcast system plays a recorded message about a product or service. You, the consumer, are prompted to press a digit on your phone to speak with a sales person now that you seem interested in the product or service after hearing a bit of the automated sale presentation.

Why is it used?

Voice broadcasting provides lead generators a perfect platform to generate a large volume of low cost leads. By using the system to handle the first layer of customer interaction the lead generators costs are dramatically reduced. The lead generation agents do not need to waist 95% of working day dealing with all the people that are not interested or who speak a different language or any 1 of the 1000s of things an agent on a predictive campaign needs to deal with. Voice Broadcasting also offers the ability to maintain a much more consistent consistent lead delivery volume. Due to the automation, by increasing the amount of calls the dialer is making more and more people are heading the pre-recorded sales pitch. This will increase the number of people that in-turn show interest and connect to a live transfer agent who finalizes the qualifications prior to delivering you the lead you purchased.

A lead agent who works on a voice broadcast campaign will produce 5– 6 leads for every 1 leads produced on a predictive campaign. This dramatic increase in efficiency through the reduction in man-hours delivers incredible high margins. This massive profit potential has opened the doors to many questionable lead generators. Many lead buyers are completely unaware that they are buying leads that have been generated through non-compliant illegal strategies. This forces lead generators to be evasive or misleading regarding how their lead generation process works.

The Many Layer of Lead Generation

Another issue that lead buyers are confronted with is the role lead brokers can play into the sale process. By no means are all lead brokers dishonest but there is an element that creates a layer of disconnect between the layer of lead production and the lead buyer. Just like most sales businesses, the broker makes his money by selling leads and the more leads sold the more money he makes. If a broker begins working with a lead generator that is able to deliver a high volume of lead consistently and also provide a large profit margin, the broker is more than likely not going to put a lot of pressure on his lead generator about the lead generation practices being used to generate the leads. And it is also in the broker’s best interest to keep the client in the dark about what is actually producing the leads even if the broker did know the entire story.

DISHONESTY IS A FACTUse the information below to help protect yourself

What To Watch Out For

Leads Sold As Exclusive: Many lead brokers and resellers sell leads as exclusive which have actually been sold multiple times. This problem is amplified due to the multiple layers that can be involved in a lead transaction. (Client >> Reseller >> Aggregator >> Producer) Each layer in the process can misrepresent the exclusivity thus multiplying the issue exponentially.

Aged Leads Sold As Fresh: Lead brokers and resellers will often earn a little extra money by selling a client fresh leads but in reality they are old leads just sitting on his or her hard drive.

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