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Client Philosophy 

qualityFlowMedia delivers industry leading customer acquisition strategies to a number of leading national solar brands.  Unlike traditional lead vendors and aggregators, FlowMedia views each client as a strategic partner with unique needs.   Our 100% in-house lead generation programs allow us to establish a custom end-to-end solution for each client to help ensure maximum ROI and customer satisfaction.



FlowMedia has spent the last 15 years providing a number of national brands with an array of customer engagement solutions and technologies.   Our proprietary internal data warehouse contains more than 300 million US customers that are constantly being updated to ensure highly accurate targeting.



Dedicated To Solar


solar logoIn 2010, FlowMedia redirected all of its efforts towards the burgeoning residential solar market. This dedication has infused deep industry knowledge and experience into the entire FlowMedia team.   We live and breathe solar!


Built On Technology

Over the last 15, FlowMedia has developed an integrated suite of online and offline direct response solar marketing tools. Our integrated contact strategy allows FlowMedia to leverage our data intelligence across a range of medium to help nurture potential customer through the entire lead generation process.





Online Solar Web Lead Generation

ussolarresources1Unlike most lead vendors who operate as resellers and aggregators, FlowMedia controls the entire lead generation process to ensure performance compliance and transparency. FlowMedia Solar Web Leads are motivated homeowners who have taken time and effort to complete an online solar information form to inquire about adopting solar for their home.  Our controlled organic lead generation process delivers a consistent flow of compliant high converting solar web leads. Many lead vendors and aggregators rely upon intrusive email as their underlying lead generation strategy. It is common knowledge within the lead industry that email driven leads convert at much lower rates across all industries.   Email driven leads often come with a significant amount of liability due to CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.


Beware: Non-compliant lead producers utilize lead aggregators and resellers as a shield to protect themselves from the liability they pass through to the client.  By delivering their leads through lead aggregator, these non-compliant lead generators are able to generate large profits by generating non-compliant, low cost, low converting.


FlowMedia Solar Web Lead: Click Here


Online Solar Chat Engagement

solar web chatFlowMedia provides solar companies the opportunity to have industry experts engage their website visitors through FlowMedia’s Solar Chat Platform.  The majority of solar customers initially find their solar provider online.  FlowMedia’s solar chat solution is designed to pull web visitors into the fold to minimize competitive fallout and increase overall conversions.  By engaging site visitors live on your website we are able leverage the anonymity of the Internet to initiate customer communication.  Our solar chat specialist will then provide site visitors with approved materials and content while establishing a full lead profile by gathering all core solar lead information.

Engage your site visitor while you can... If you don't, your biggest competitors are 1 Click Away!


Depending on our client's needs, we are able to provide the following:


  • Transition chat to a live phone call to be filtered and appointment generated for your sales executive
  • Capture all lead information and post lead data to your CRM
  • Transition chat to a phone call to be filtered and transferred live to your sales team.  (lead data it posted real-time to your CRM while the call is transferred)



Solar Contact Center Solutions

FlowMedia's operates a 10,000 contact center located in the Inland Empire of California.   All solar engagement agents go through a detailed onboarding process with background checks and intensive solar industry training.   Agents receive weekly industry training on industry news and key events to ensure our ability to convey meaningful and accurate information to every customer we engage. FlowMedia provides inbound and outbound solar solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the call center


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Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Consulting homeowners on solar rebates and programs in their area
  • Follow up and qualify leads
  • Qualifications
  • Telemarketing/sales experience preferred
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Commitment to team environment and to being a strong team player
  • Positive attitude

We thrive on every employee being a specialist in their position and taking ownership of their role.